About Bananarama

Bananarama is a mobile catering service providing a healthy alternative to Ice Cream but without compromising the flavor. Very simply, we take frozen organic bananas and turn them into soft serve nice cream by running the bananas through our machine which whips them up into a soft serve. You won’t believe it’s just bananas when you taste how creamy this texture is! This is way better than ice cream… it’s light, healthy, and cool, smooth refreshing. We have 13 sundae options ranging from Strawberry Shortcake, Pina Colada, Granola Berry to Almond Joyce, Gimme S’More, and Peanut Butter Cup Crunch. Or you can build your own sundae from any of our toppings, which all happen to be vegan! We also have some gluten free options. Food for everyone!

About the Owners

Hi! I’m Shannon, me and my business partner Bobby are the creators of Bananarama. We grew up in the Allentown, PA area and love it here. We both have always lived colorful lives, striving to create the a work atmosphere that works for us. This has lead us into being entrepreneurs in business. Small business life certainly has its many challenges but we would not have it any other way.

Bobby runs The Emmaus Theater, a second run, single screen movie theater that is an affordable outing with a personal touch. Here he is able to showcase his lifelong passion for movies, as he selects all the films, including many indie ones and the popular BYOB cult classic films series. His love of comedy also comes into play here with Live Comedy Showcases bringing in comics from New York and surrounding areas. With the addition of a stage we are expanding our live show so be sure to check out this hidden gem of the Lehigh Valley. (i.e. live music, burlesque, RHPS, improv, stand-up, roast battles) You can even rent the theater for your own party/event.

(You can check out what is happening at The Emmaus Theater – Click Here)

I, Shannon, have had a life passion for travel and alternatives in health. I have had four years education into herbal medicine and traveled extensively with her friends to places far and near. Such as road trips across America, Brazil, Ecuador, Galapagos, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Panama, Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia. My work background as an Administrative Assistant has given me the tools to know how to start up a business and keep up with the endless paperwork. One of the things I love about running a food truck is I am always working in a new environment and still satisfying my itch to travel.

Together, Myself and Bobby worked to change our lifestyle to include a healthy diet. Being firm believers that food is the building blocks to health, the gravity of this became even more clear a few years ago when Bobby was hit with some serious health issues. One problem with eating healthy was that we both also love dessert and ice cream…And here is where we discovered banana whip and that we don’t have to compromise on dessert. We can have our ice cream and eat it too! So long as that ice cream is made of frozen organic banana whip! We want to share this delicious discovery with everyone so we created Bananarama.